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 We love to decorate, and love everything about it. How flowers are able to transform and create a mood to a space, lets us appreciate it more. With each event, every flower is passed and carefully cared through the hands of our team. We understand that each flower is different and each needing a certain type of care. Some may need to be checked on daily, some need to be placed in some where cold, and some may not like the cold. We curate every bloom once arrived in our hands to make sure it looks its best on the day of the event. Mixing flower varieties together to create a certain vibe to a space is one of the things we love to do at Blush Floral. We take time to understand you, what you love, and personalize your event flowers to set the tone of your day.

 At Blush Floral, we currently do not offer wedding packages. We love to be creative and offering packages restricts our creativity to create something unique to our clients. Each proposal sent out is unique to your event. No two weddings are ever the same, just as no two couples are the same. We love to keep things interesting and fresh, and love that our couples trust our work to let us do what we do best letting us go on a creative journey.  


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We offer a selection of a few floral design

services for your wedding or event:

Elopement + Pickup Wedding Flowers

Unlike a full scope wedding design, the Elopement and Pickup Wedding Flowers is intended for intimate weddings that require a limited amount of items. Perfect couples who request for only personal flowers or couples that do not request for many items for their wedding.

  • We offer assistance in color palette, flower variety choices and styles

  • One 1 hour Phone consultation

  • Minimum Investment of $500

  • Pick up only  

Service for this begins at $500. Please contact us here to get started on a custom event proposal. 

Full Service Floral Design

Just like flowers, no two weddings are ever the same. Our Full Service Floral Design is not a set package, but an experience and service that is uniquely tailored to your wedding. Flowers are our passion, and we pour our hearts taking the time in planning your flowers and creating something beautiful and unique to your wedding.

A perfect option for couples who value the importance of flowers and the aesthetic it brings to their event. This option is for couples who want a professional that values all the small details to make sure that every element is perfect on the event day.

  • We thoughtfully review and offer suggestions for your event’s floral designs (bridal party, ceremony, reception) and our team will oversee visual elements to ensure cohesiveness through styling and floral.

  • We provide a visual design board to outline your color palette, overall look of your wedding, and flower styling and design.

  • Complimentary rentals of ceremony and reception vessels for couples who invest in $3,500 or more.

  • Up to 2 in person consultations, and unlimited email correspondence

  • Our team will deliver, install and break down your wedding floral so that everything is seamless and perfect for your event.

Investment minimum in our full service floral design service begins at $3,500. Please contact us here to get started on a custom event proposal. 

Other Services

Don’t see what you are looking for? We never restrict ourselves from other fun creative projects. Our requested minimum for this service begin at $200. We love to talking about flowers and plans, chat more about what we can create for you here!

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